Although the most hateful may be paying much attention to remove the peel covered with spines...
2020-01-13 12:24:05
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The prickly pear, beauty elixir

A magical fruit

Although the most hateful may be paying much attention to remove the peel covered with spines more or less visible, however, know that the consumption of prickly pear might be a good help to combat water retention and more! The prickly pear in fact has a high content of potassium, very important mineral for the organism since it not only allows the smooth muscle operation of the apparatus, but also allows the proper exchange between the cell and the external environment to it. This fruit also has the great merit of combat excess sodium that is too often due to the rise in blood pressure and fluid retention.
Etnadrena produced by Etnacare, a company that has made the enhancement of active ingredients in local Sicilian raw materials to its philosophy of life, it is a dietary supplement made from prickly pear which aims to exploit all the benefits of this fruit. Clinical studies have shown that after a few weeks of taking Cacti-Nea, so it is called the extract of the fruit of the prickly pear present in Etnadrena, determine the drainage of excess body fluids without causing depletion of minerals' organism and which also promotes a significant reduction in waist size (and not only) of the patients undergoing the treatment.
's not forget the valuable source of antioxidants offer from these fruits. The prickly pears contain Betalains fact, natural pigments are easily absorbed by the body is able to protect effectively by 'free radical attack, and to promote detoxification by stimulating liver enzymes. The dietary supplement Etnadrena, thanks to the active Cacti-Nea substance contained in it, therefore, promotes the elimination of excess fluid, the improvement of the silhouette thanks to the simplification of the circumferences often the most critical, but mostly preserves the state of our health.