Summer is here and it along with the scorching sunny days, you know, even reach the typical...
2020-01-13 12:19:04
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Summer's here, how to approach it with the right foods

the nutritionist Tips Thea Musumeci

Summer is here and it along with the scorching sunny days, you know, even reach the typical inconveniences of the period such as drowsiness, fatigue, dehydration and hideous swelling that is gripping the legs. The intake of specific foods and the right supplement program, however, can help prevent and cope adequately these typical hassles! If in fact it feels a bit 'worn out and the legs are heavy EtnaDrena, natural supplement, aimed at fighting the stagnation of excess fluids, it can be a valuable ally.
Without cause loss of minerals or pressure drops, Etnadrena, thanks to the active substance of the birch and the blackberry and red vine extracts, it has a draining action, trophic and tonic on vessels making them stronger . The content of vitamin pool Etnadrena also helps combat fatigue and tiredness typical of most torrid time of year. Healthy habits need not even be missed at the table and to cope with the summer heat upcoming match is essential to a proper integration program also foods rich in minerals, water and vitamins.
Go ahead and then to the fruit in season friend of circulation as kiwi, strawberries and cherries that in addition to being characterized by a good content of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), basic chemical substance to ensure the tonicity of vases and capillaries, also have a high water content which gives them properties thirst-quenching and rehydrating. Recommended also cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, carrots for the presence of vitamin A, which is essential to maintain the elasticity of the connective tissue and capable of performing a protection action to mucous membranes, skin, hair and nails.
Certainly you will not have to miss your body the water, drink plenty of water and finally to the minerals-rich foods often lost due to sweating. It is especially recommended intake of green beans, beets, asparagus as rich in potassium and magnesium, and whose deficiency causes the onset of fatigue, fatigue and muscle cramps.