Often, with the arrival of the colder seasons, sleep in warm houses wrapped in a fluffy duvet...
2020-01-13 12:26:31
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Prevent the flu by eating the right foods

Natural Remedies

Often, with the arrival of the colder seasons, sleep in warm houses wrapped in a fluffy duvet and wear, when you leave, accompanied by heavy coats gloves, hat and bulky scarves, a habit is not enough to face the enemy seasonal perhaps most dreaded of all: the flu. The diet with targeted food and the inclusion of supplements, however, can be a winning strategy to prevent this evil typical winter. In fact, foods rich in carotene, such as dark green vegetables, pumpkin, carrots, peppers and tomatoes, thanks to their ability to promote the thymus efficiency, master gland of the immune system, for example, represent a right choice for build a fortress of defense against the flu assault.
note for some time also the benefits of the foods rich in Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) with chilli, parsley, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, kiwi, blackberries, citrus and papaya. This organic compound has indeed the ability to increase the leukocyte activity stimulating the production of interferon, a family of proteins with antiviral action. Go ahead and then taking the morning of freshly squeezed oranges (vitamin C in fact decreases rapidly once it comes into contact with the air!), Purchased preferably with green stalk and leaves with small anchored to it so as to be more sure that the content of the organic compound has declined.
good choice to dodge the risk of influenza illness, perhaps disowned the most, it is the introduction in its table of cereal grain. It would be advisable for example to orient the black rice, cereal varieties which owes its own characteristic dark color to the high presence of anthocyanins, pigments class that can strengthen the immune system. A good recipe to try at home could be adding to your dish with black rice a sprinkling of turmeric, a spice that, thanks to the presence of curcumin, gives the dish an additional effect of defense.
Earnings may be the choice of the right supplements based antiossidanti.Etnaslim, formulated by Etnacare, Sicilian company whose primary mission is to design products made from 100% natural ingredients selected following the most high quality standards, thanks to the red orange extracts of Sicily, at the olive polyphenols and vitamin C is a valuable ally against seasonal ailments.